Jisoo Returning to Lovelyz?

It seems that Jisoo might actually be returning to the Woollim girl group Lovelyz. Despite the controversy surrounding her departure, she was spotted with them.

On June 17th, Jisoo was spotted leaving Woollim Entertainment’s agency building together with some members of Lovelyz, immediately starting speculations if her return is on the works. In a video posted by a fan through her Instagram account, the member was seen quietly making her way out with the rest of the members, looking back when she was called and recognized.

(check out the full article here at koreaboo.com)

Interesting. I won’t speculate. Maybe she is trying to return or maybe she’s not. Maybe Woollim feels enough time has passed and now that Lovelyz has a better and more appealing reputation, it’ll be ok for her to come back. Honestly, if it’s settled properly in court the way they say it is. No hidden agendas. No hidden evidence. Nothing to fear. Then they shouldn’t have a problem bringing her back to the group. Maybe they want to shock the fans and do a special presentation before formally re-introducing her. I don’t know. All I know is, I’ll politely wait and see what happens.


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