Girls’ Generation to Appear on Running Man + New Reality Show?

Girls’ Generation has decided to come back with a huge bang and will be featured on an episode of Running Man for the first time in four years. This is major. With their new album about to be released in July as 8 members, the promotions and the big smash “Catch Me If You Can” become virtually overnight… this is just the next step to total domination for them.

Or maybe not, but it definitely feels like it considering this is one of the most highly anticipated comebacks of the year.

On top of the appearance on Running Man, it seems the ladies of SNSD will also have their own reality show.

Additionally, they are in talks of starring in their own reality program to show fans a more natural look into the members’ lives, similar as to how TaeTiSeo starred in their own OnStyle show last year during their promotions with “Holler” last September.

Some members of Girls’ Generation have already been confirmed to be active in their own entertainment program…

(check out the full article here at

I can’t wait to see their episode on Running Man and definitely can’t wait to hear more about their reality show.


2 thoughts on “Girls’ Generation to Appear on Running Man + New Reality Show?”

  1. There is a lot riding on this comeback for SNSD. And I have no doubt that this July we are going to get another smash hit from the unnies.Its going to be tough for all the groups having come backs this July because everyone is anticipating GG’s return as 8.

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    1. Very true! The concert they did a few months ago as 8 I think in Japan was huge. So I guess now with the added new songs they’re going to release it’s almost like a completely new group.


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