Tiger Jk Interview with @Star1 | Yoonmirae “would have made jackpot if she joined SM or YG Entertainment”

I think there’s a certain type of beauty in a man who acknowledges that his wife is talented and could’ve been highly successful if she had been signed to a major label. Even though Yoonmirae has chosen to support Tiger Jk’s label “MFBTY”, he still regrets that she didn’t sign with SM or YG.

Whereas Yoonmirae said she’s “happy to pursue her music”, Tiger said:

“I have always been regretful, but she would have made jackpot if she joined SM or YG Entertainment.” 

(click here to see the full article at koreaboo.com)

That’s truly very loving and sad to me at the same time. But with both of their contributions to the amazing OST for the hit drama “Who Are You: School 2015”, I have zero doubts that the two of them will truly become as successful as the mega stars from these huge labels.

Tiger Jk also is working on a comeback and has released a few teasers for it. I love both of them so I’m truly hoping for both of their success! (That includes Bizzy!)


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