BIGBANG banned from Inkigayo due to T.O.P and G-Dragon Absence

Yup. You read that right. BIGBANG got banned in the middle of their promotion from Inkigayo because T.O.P and G-Dragon weren’t present during the live show. Ummm what?

Because G-Dragon and T.O.P were not present during their 1st place stage on May 24th due to MV filming, the ‘Inkigayo’ staff had penalized the group by banning them entirely from the show. Music industry insiders said, “It has always been problematic when a 1st place group does not appear on the live broadcast unless they had an unavoidable reason. Big Bang’s case is the same. They might have been filming their MV, but the staff must have seen it as a problem as unfair to the rest of the groups.”

 (click here to see the full story on

In all honesty, I do hope they change their mind because this is honestly really confusing to me. I understand wanting all participants to be in attendance, it makes sense, but isn’t banning them going too far? I don’t know maybe they’ll come back later and say, “ok ok, we won’t ban you as penalty.” Hopefully.

This is coming at a pretty bad time for Inkigayo as the battle with VIPs over a completely different issue… the voting scandal. I shall call this “Voting-Gate”. BANGBANGBANG was not added to the voting list for 40 hrs after it’s release. Meaning, they didn’t get votes for this song, their new song, for 40 hrs. But have no fear, Inkigayo had a reason, they said it was because the list is only updated on Wednesday and it’s always been that way.

Fair enough. But banning BIGBANG is not going to soften those tensions anytime soon with the fan base.


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