Tao Creates “Huang Z.TAO Studio” in China

I’m starting to think that Tao really has exited stage left from EXO. There have been many rumors taking about his solo endeavors and not necessarily any type of promotion with EXO. And then there was this, Tao has launched his own agency in China called “Huang Z.TAO Studio”. It seems to me that he’s about to start going by his name Huang Zitao.

“It has been reported that Tao set up his very own one-man agency, ‘Huang Z.TAO Studio,’ in China on June 11. He plans to continue activities as a solo artist, which ultimately acts as confirmation of his withdrawal from EXO… According to reports, the possibility of Tao rejoining EXO is low, and it is expected that he will be pursuing a career as an actor in his home country of China.”

(click here to see the full story on soompi.com)

And it doesn’t help that he is still having issues with SM Entertainment. Unresolved issues at that. I have to wonder, since this is not affiliated with SM if there may be even more conflict to come because of this.I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

At least on the outside, it looks like his injuries have healed.


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