4L’s Yeseul Discusses Leaving 4L Due to 19+ Ratings + Debut As Solo Artist with “I’m In Love”

I personally had not heard of 4L before today. (I know, shame on me for not knowing!) But it’s true. I hadn’t. So I did some research on the group and quickly discovered why Yeseul would say what she said in an interview. While the risque act is a big “it” thing these days for many kpop groups, it just wasn’t for her. She prefers something that’s more of an aegyo style. At least that’s how I view it. Yeseul’s new song is something that she says is more comfortable for her.

Yeseul recently revealed in an interview recently that her reasoning for leaving 4L was because of the 19+ dress and dances and vibe that she just didn’t mesh with. She stated:

“I felt like I was dressed in something that wasn’t me and it made working hard for me. I did not want to resort to such things any longer and decided staying in the company held no future for me. That’s why after thinking long and hard, I left the team. The company wasn’t forcing anything on me but to survive, it was just something I had to do. The reality of the situation made me regret a lot of things. I thought to myself multiple times, ‘do I really have to resort to such matters.’ on multiple occasions.”

“I feel like I’m starting over. I wish people would view me as a rookie and think well of me. I don’t really like sexy and it was uncomfortable for me. I felt more comfortable recording the new song ‘I’m in love’”

(click here to see the full article at koreaboo.com)

I think that’s a good thing that she found her niche. A lot of times, we shame artists for leaving or tell them to just “Deal with it” for now. But if you’re not comfortable doing something, you shouldn’t be forced to do it. Good for her for leaving and finding her place in kpop!

I hope 4L and Yeseul are successful!


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