MBLAQ Talks More About Thunder and Lee Joon Departure + Lyrics from “Mirror” Detailing their Hurt

It’s finally coming from the trio themselves. I always wait for the artists to speak when they release such personal music before just believing rumors. And apparently this time, the rumors are true about lyrics from “Mirror”. But first, MBLAQ talked more about the departure of Thunder and Lee Joon. Not surprisingly, they were hurt and probably still a little hurt by their leaving.

When asked about member recruitment, leader Seung Ho replied, “We felt like there would be nobody who could replace those friends. We felt that we could fill up [the empty spaces] with the remaining members, so we decided on being a trio.”

G.O said, “We thought about substitute members for about two seconds. We felt we could target a niche market because a male trio is uncommon. We thought we’d be able to give off the feel of a new stage.

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The good news is that, they’re all still on speaking terms. And that truly makes me happy to hear. Too many times there are fair too many group break-ups and the members can’t even sit in the same room together due to bitter feelings. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have artistic license to express themselves through song.

After reading that these lyrics actually were pretty reflective of how they felt about Thunder and Lee Joon’s departure, I immediately thought about the part of the lyrics that say (in English):

“Without a word, you just left me
My heart trusted you so much but it broke down
I’m still hurting
Because I trusted you more than anyone else
My scars are even bigger
You didn’t even say sorry…”

At least that’s what I thought that’s where they were talking about it.

The lyrics go, “The wound must be bigger because it was you, whom I trusted more than anybody else, you without even saying sorry, you were more precious to me than anybody else, I’m really hurt . . . “

(source:: allkpop.com)

Ehh… Close enough.

Seung Ho and G.O had something to say about this as well.

Seung Ho said, “It will translate differently depending on the viewpoint. We want to reveal all the relevant content with straightforwardness, but there were a lot of good memories. I do not want to ruin those. Just think of it as we’re supporting one another,”

G.O added, “I can’t say that the lyrics as a whole were targeting them, but we don’t have a lot of experience in love. So we put in our situation. We unraveled it as a love story… We sing better than those two,” he continued bluntly. “So we got more parts.  I came to think that now I could finally sing a bit.  Of course, though, they dance better than I do,”

(click here to see the full article at allkpop.com)

I’m cheering for all them. The comeback almost didn’t happen. A lot of things happened in between. Their last concert and album with all 5 members was beautiful, emotional, and well done.

I have no doubt that the trio will do well and Thunder and Lee Joon will do well respectively too.


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