EXO-L Fan Apologizes for Bomb Threat + Mnet Apologizes for Voting Error

I guess today is the day of apologies in the kpop world.

Turns out, the threat was nothing more than a hoax. I guess this fan was really just doing what normally happens in the “netizen-sphere” and attempting to trash talk. Kinda backfired but they did post a lengthy apology online to all potentially hurt parties.

(from allkpop.com)

(click here to see the full article and apology at allkpop.com)

I kinda figured there wasn’t going to be a serious situation behind this. This happens a lot and doesn’t really get reported all the time. But with everything going on between EXO-L’s and VIP’s it’s really no wonder that this would spread as fast as it did.

Now if only we could get the voting situation straightened out… oh wait, we did that too.

A rep from the music program responded, “It’s true that the voting window remained open even past 9AM. However, the tally was taken at 9AM, so the numbers you saw after that time on the homepage is not reflected in the actual voting result. This is the first time such an error has occurred regarding the closing of the votes, so we will be more cautious in the future.”

(click here to see the full article at allkpop.com)

So why is everybody still fighting? Can we move along now or no?


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