Jessica Jung & Tyler Kwon $18,000 Collaboration Project

Have you seen this watch? This watch is the creation of BLANC&ECLARE’s Jessica Jung and The Coridel Group’s Tyler Kwon. They’ve begun a collaboration project and this beauty is their first thing. I like it. I really want one. But see… the way my bank account is set up, I can’t afford it.

They announced in a press release that they would be creating a series of these watches and others as well as jewelry. But the watch above, is the very first to be released in this new exclusive series of luxury brand items through Marvella, which is apparently an international/global fashion brand.

Jessica shared her thoughts on the project saying, “I am excited to take another step forward in fashion with this collaboration. I look forward to this opportunity in the luxury watches and jewellery space, designing elegant pieces with Marvella.”

Meanwhile, Tyler Kwon also revealed his excitement on the project stating, “I have the utmost confidence in the management team and look forward to exploring the many synergies that our portfolio companies share with Marvella.”

(click here to see the full article on

I would love to be able to afford something from this line but I think I’ll have to wait until I can afford it. It’s beautiful though.


4 thoughts on “Jessica Jung & Tyler Kwon $18,000 Collaboration Project”

  1. I am glad Jessica Unnie is exploring other things and exploring other items for BLANC & ECLARE.She really is a wonderful business woman and I hope that you can get the watch somehow.

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  2. I never bought or shown a interest for watches…until I saw this beautiful masterpiece. Ohhh man, it would be awesome to have this watch!

    You’ll get that watch one day!

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