“Let Me In 5” Controversy Continues…

Have you seen this show? I hadn’t seen it before and only heard of it recently because it was all over the news. There’s been so much buzz about this show and it’s all been pretty negative. Responses saying that it promotes trying to pretty, cosmetic surgery, and everything else. And groups want the show taken off the air!

Just a few days ago, the production team for the show had to step in and defend it.

PD Park Hyun Woo stated, “‘Let Me In’ is not a cosmetic surgery program. Plastic surgery is a tool that can change one woman’s life as well as strengthen her self-esteem, [plastic surgery] that itself is not our goal.  Although it has not been broadcasted, but these women live together for two to six months and get trained for regular workouts and employment counseling. Such a shame that plastic surgery is the only thing emphasized.”

Yang Jae Jin commented, ‘Let Me In‘ is not merely a program to become pretty. The program aims to help women experiencing difficulty in the society with their genetic deformity, functional damage, and more to establish amicable personal relations and functional ability in the work environment. Although standards of beauty may change depending on the era, the standards of living the norm does not change much in the society.”

(check out the full story here at koreaboo.com)

And now still the show is under fire. Womenlink protested in front of the CJ E&M Center two days ago. Their reasoning?

Womenlink protested that the show made viewers “consider plastic surgery after watching the program,” promoted “the growth of expansion of the plastic surgery industry,” and broke the law by “advertising medical proceeds on air, which is against medical treatment law, and advertising sponsors, which is against media law.”

(check out the full story here at soompi.com)

Here’s the thing, a show shouldn’t have that much influence over your daily life. There are a lot of shows that feature worse content that have been on the air. I don’t think a show like this is honestly that bad. If these women have received counseling, workout training, and everything else before getting the surgery, I really don’t see the problem. I’m not saying I’m all for plastic surgery either but I’m not going to knock a show that’s trying to make a difference in somebody’s life.


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