BIGBANG’s “If You” Will Not Have a Video

Out of all the promo and releases for the upcoming album M.A.D.E, it appears that “If You” will not be added to the list of upcoming videos. So if you were hoping to see a teaser for it, don’t count on one. They’ve decided since the song is their “saddest” song since their debut, there will be no video. But why?

“The reason why it does not have a music video is because since BIGBANG’s debut in 2006, ‘If You’ is their saddest song ever. ‘If You’ is a track that will touch you emotionally. A music video wasn’t shot so that you can focus on the music and lyrics only.”

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I’m actually glad it won’t get a video. If this song is going to be as emotional as they say it will be, I don’t think it’ll actually need a video. I think the music and words will be enough. Plus, the live performance of it won’t have any choreography (probably) so you spend more time listening and experiencing rather than trying to see what’s going to happen next.

I agree with this decision.

EXID September Comeback?

It seems so! According to the ladies of EXID, they’re plans are to make a comeback some time during the fall. So I guess the only month anybody could think of was around September since they didn’t actually give an exact date just yet.

“We are currently preparing hard as we aim for a comeback during the second half of the year. We are working to come back as quickly as possible. We are trying our best to not disappoint our fans and to show a perfect image. Please look forward to it.”

The members continued, “We’re right in the middle of production. The new track will also be co-produced by LE and Shinsadong Tiger.”

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They don’t need a perfect image. They’re already amazing but I understand. I’ll try to be patient on the release. I’m really curious to hear their new music. I wonder if they’ll be creating a new sound or if they’ll be doing something similar to their usual.

Girls’ Generation “Party” Comeback Confirmed! | Teaser

It’s official! All the talk about when the comeback was to be scheduled and they’re look and they’re song has now all been officially confirmed! This is rumored to be the summer anthem of the year. I can’t wait to hear it. The ladies definitely have stiff competition this year.

The official release is July 7th at 10 pm!

SM Entertainment Absent from ‘Infinity Challenge Music Festival’ + FTC Starts Investigation

This has been a busy year from SM Entertainment. And I don’t mean that in a good way. Let’s start with the “not as bad” news. SM Entertainment will have no representation to the Infinity Challenge Music Festival. Why? Apparently according to SM, nobody really has plans to do it.

“The musicians under SM Entertainment have no plans to appear on ‘Infinity Challenge Music Festival’ this time. There is no special reason for it.”

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This is leading a lot of netizens to speculate about the real reason nobody will be there. Some are saying it’s “blackmail”, some are saying that “they’re lacking talent”, some are saying that “SM doesn’t have anything new to offer”, among other accusations. Here’s the thing. They said nobody has plans to be there. So nobody will be there. Does anybody really honestly think with all the legal drama they’re going through right now that they’re in a position to stir up more controversy?

Speaking of legal drama and controversy.

The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) is about to be added to the list of people that SM Entertainment has to worry about it. This is involving Noh Min Woo’s claims. Remember way back when he said that he was involved in a slave contract with them?

“Before Noh Min Woo debuted, SM formed a 17-year exclusive contract after a one-sided decision for extension. Even after leaving SM afterwards, he started independent promotions, but all broadcasting companies blocked Noh Min Woo’s appearances.”

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Well now the FTC has decided they want to look into these allegations personally. Apparently, the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has started its own investigation already and they also came out and said that on June 29, Noh Min Woo himself went to them to testify against SM in regards to the issue.

I really don’t know how this one is going to turn out.