f(x) Victoria Contract with SM Entertainment + Both Sides Release Statements

I don’t know where this rumor got started and apparently SM Entertainment and Victoria don’t either, but here goes.

It was being reported that Victoria wanted to terminate her contract with SM Entertainment. And with all the recent drama surrounding SM and contracts, it seemed believable. But both sides have released statements to deny this was even the case.

SM Entertainment said:

As a strategy that helps SM become more localized in China, we have decided to utilize it flexibly. Taking after EXO’s Lay, we will help Victoria set up a personal studio for her activities in China... The studio will be part of SM, and there will still be a full contract between SM and Victoria. SM will continue to fully support and facilitate Victoria’s activities in China.”

(click here to see the full article at koreaboo.com)

And Victoria’s side said:

Victoria has never brought up contract termination with SM. Currently, SM and Victoria are discussing her work plan. To better expand her career in China, Victoria’s studio will be established. Manager duties in China will be performed by the team from the studio… Thank you to SM for its support for Victoria…”

(click here to see the full article at koreaboo.com)

Victoria’s side then went on to thank the media and the fans as well. I think this was actually kinda weird to come up at such a time. Not too long ago rumors were surrounding whether or not Sulli was still part of f(x) and now they’re saying Victoria wants her contract terminated?

Some things are just… I don’t know.

그만해 (geumanhae) [Word of the Day]

안녕하세요! (Annyeonghaseyo!)

I don’t remember if I ever posted this word before, but I keep hearing it everytime I watch something new on tv (maybe I need to re-evaluate the shows I watch.) So the word today is 그만해 (geumanhae). You have probably heard this word more than a few times if you watch a lot of k-dramas. Maybe even in songs, I haven’t heard it in a song buuuuttttt if you have, post it in the comments below!

그만해 (geumanhae) = “Stop; Enough”. This is the informal way to say it. To make this word formal you would say, “그만해요 (geumanhaeyo).”


  • 나 그만했다. (na geumanhaessda.) = I had to stop.
  • 그만해!! (geumanhae!!) = Enough!/Stop!

Those are just a couple of examples and ways for you to use this word. Don’t feel limited by my sentences!

-내일까지! (naeilkkaji!)

|A Note from 23rd Station|

Originally, I intended to take some time off from blogging for a while. It wasn’t because I was burned out or anything but because my goldfish passed away. She lived to be six years old and it has truly been a devastating loss.

I know most people will wonder what the big deal is and that’s ok. I’ve come to appreciate not everyone will understand the gravity of my loss. Most people grow attached to dogs, cats, and other animals but rarely ever fish. And that’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with that and I respect that.

I put a lot of love, care, compassion, and nurturing into raising my little goldfish from being barely the size of my pinky to being bigger than my hand. My goldfish had been through a lot and suffered from potential pre-existing conditions that I didn’t know about but we did our best and she made it to old age. I discovered shortly before she passed that goldfish kept in tanks live to be about 5-10 years old and even though our goal was 10, we did our best. And she died peacefully. I am just happy for the time I got with her.

I decided that crawling away into a hermit state while I figured out this “new normal” was not the way to be. So I’m back on my usual schedule to bring another WOTD and more kpop news. There won’t be a Grammar of the Week this week. I forgot all about it with everything going on and I never did remember what I wanted to discuss last week.

Next week will be better.

Thanks for hanging in there with me you guys! It really means a lot.

That’s all.

Seul Ong (2AM) [Artist of the Week]

Ok so I searched all over soundcloud trying to find more of this artist’s music. I’m just completely in love with his individual soul-R&B style. It’s so soothing and smooth. I just love it!

Seulong, who is a member of 2AM, recently released his new album “Normal”. He went through the rigorous rookie training in 2008 on MNET’s show, “Hot Blood”. He’s done some acting and has been featured in songs with other artists. But when I heard the songs on his new album I was impressed. My favorite has to be “Mood Swing”. I don’t know what it is about his voice and that song but it’s incredible!

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