Netizens Angry with Kangjin Referring N as “trash” + Cropped him out of photo on instagram

I searched high and low to find this video! I am all about hearing the context of what was said. Again, this video doesn’t have subs so if you’re learning Korean, this is definitely great practice for you.

If you watch “Shin Dong Yup’s Bachelor Party” regularly, you know they’re all pretty relaxed on the show. They speak comfortably to each other often. But netizens are saying that Kangjin got a little too comfortable in how he referred to N.

During the friendly atmosphere, as they were talking about which female star they wanted to do a photo shoot with, Kangin pointed out that N knew all the girl groups, but would say he didn’t, throwing in “dog-trash” in a light murmur.  Although it’s not so audible and might have been thrown there in a playful manner, netizens note it was neither the time nor place to say such a “disrespectful” thing on broadcast.  In addition, at one point he makes a “threatening” remark towards N, asking somebody to bring him a stick.  

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Fans expressed outrage online saying that he should “think before he speaks” and “reflect on what he said”:

“Oppa, i love u so much, but i’m so dissapionted on you, please Apologize N,”

We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but please act maturely on the scene. Words are powerful things and you should always think before you speak N did.”

I’m not 100% sure which came first but by the comments I’m guessing the episode aired first. In the photo below posted to Kangjin’s instagram, N is cropped out. Fans expressed even more of their displeasure in the comments section. I won’t post all the comments here but I’m guessing this is not something that’ll blow over anytime soon unless he apologizes like the fans are asking for him to do.

I honestly don’t think that he really meant any harm. Who would honestly insult someone like that intentionally on television? Especially for everyone to hear and start a fan war over it. I honestly think he meant it to be funny. It just wasn’t funny.

Honestly, it’s just a bad situation and I hope he’s learned that some things can be said in private but not publicly.

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EXO’s Manager Fined for Injuring a Fan

If you follow the TwentyThirdStation tumblr, you’ve probably already seen this story. But it popped up in my notifications again as a top story and so I couldn’t help but talk about it here for those of you looking for it.

The story goes like this, EXO had just wrapped up their live performance in China. They left China and arrived in the airport at Korea. Apparently what happened after that was their manager was moving along with the members, (probably shielding them from all the fans and cameras and whatever else) and he hit the back of the fan’s head with his hand. This fan sustained some injuries from the incident and EXO’s manager was fined 1 million KRW or $936 (USD).

He said, in regards to incident in trial,

Although I saw the plaintiff, I did not assault or injure the plaintiff.” However, the court ruled, “By piecing together the proof, the truth of the defendant injuring the plaintiff has been acknowledged.”

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This is just one of those situations that the courts have handled and hopefully it can be resolved amicably.

T-ara’s Eunjung Solo Debut featuring K.Will

T-ara’s Eunjung is taking a page out of the “epic solo career book” as I call it and getting ready to release her new single featuring K.Will called, “I’m good”. She even has a new stage name, “Elsie”.

I’m really excited for this. This already sounds like it’s going to be an amazing duet. The official release date is May 1st!