CL Performed at UMF Miami and Gained American Fans!

Let me first say how proud I am of CL for her American debut steadily approaching and being able to perform in Miami. Am I surprised that she won over American fans? Nope. Not at all! She’s amazing and apparently, her new fans agree!

CL performed “Dirty Vibe” live on stage with Skrillex and was joined on stage with P.Diddy! How awesome is that??

Let me explain how big of a deal that performance was. UMF is one of the biggest live performance events that happens in the U.S. A lot of people travel there from all over just to see the performances and take to social media to praise or bash the artists and performances.

Check out some of the comments CL received on twitter:

Following the extravagant 50-minute closing stage, many took to Twitter to praise CL on her stage, writing, “CL is the new Asian bae [1],” “I’m liking this bada** Asian chick,” “So, CL is my new wife…” 

click here to see more of the comments on

Yea, from the looks of it, America is definitely ready for CL!

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