Girl’s Generation Comeback Date Probably Not in May

It’s clear that there will be a comeback for Girl’s Generation, but what’s not clear is when the comeback will be.

SM Entertainment released this statement saying:

“Girl’s Generation has been continuously working on preparations, however, the date for a [Korean] comeback has not been finalized.”

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Reports were going around for a while that they were for sure coming back in May but that’s not the case. I guess we’ll just have to wait patiently to see when that comeback date is. But what is definitely coming in April their new Japanese single “Catch Me if You Can”.

Kim Jang Hoon illegally Downloaded Taken 3

I think we have all heard the jokes about illegally downloaded or “bootlegged” movies. One of the most told jokes is a movie being downloaded with people walking in front of the screen. That was a while back when people would sit in the movie theaters with a camcorder and record the movie in the most discreet way and then make copies and sell them. Now, people just download a leaked video from different file sharing sites without all the hassle and see a great quality film for free from the comfort of their own homes. Usually, the people that do this don’t get caught for whatever reasons and everybody moves on until they eventually get caught because of people that have been hired to specifically scan these sites for traces of people who download the movies… or at least that’s what I’ve been told.

Apparently, celebrities are no exception to this. Singer Kim Jang Hoon managed to make headlines for illegally downloading the new Taken 3 movie and 20th Century Fox has plans to make an example out of him. How did they find out? Where else but Twitter. He tweeted it!!

“I downloaded ‘Taken 3,’ but the subtitles are randomly set in Arabian,”

Well after his tweet, word spread to Fox and they took matters into their own hands. Originally it was said that he downloaded the movie legally but they later discovered this was not at all the case.

“The situation has been reported to the main office, and we are still in discussion about how to move forward with Kim Jang Hoon’s hard drive containing a file of the film ‘Taken 3.’ Although Kim Jang Hoon claimed that he legally downloaded the film from Open-Net, this is far from the truth. After asking our main office, it is considered copyright infringement and illegally downloading from a website that is not affiliated with FOX.”

I hope it was worth it…

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