Artist of the Week: Gaeko “Rose” 1theK live performance

I love this song. I heard it once and was already hooked on it! I understand it was kinda banned from live tv because of the references to aspirin and what not but… just check it out! This is a live performance from the Artist of the Week: Gaeko and don’t forget to check out the Artist of the Week playlist!

Unpretty Rapstar Cypher

Alright so I listened to the Cypher and I think the music probably should’ve been turned up a bit but overall to just get people ready for the show, it wasn’t bad to me! The subs are probably a little off so it makes it seem like they’re raps don’t make sense.

A lot of people are divided over this but I don’t think it’s as horrible as people are making it out to be. Check it out for yourselves! Unpretty Rapstar will be airing 1/29 at 11! (So somewhere in the world, wherever you may be reading this, it probably already aired.)

CL in Studio with Florence and the Machine

I love both of them and to know that one of the first songs that will be released from CL’s American debut is with them both, I’m super excited!

This was reported by Bobby Brackins in an interview with Vice magazine. He said,

“CL is the most wonderful artist in Korea. Many musicians are taking part in the solo album that she is now working on.”

At this point, I just want to hear at least a snippet of the song. I bet it’s gonna be amazing when it’s officially done and they start with the teasers. I can’t wait.

To see the full story from YGunited, check out: CL is Working with Popular British Band “Florence And The Machine”