Eotteoke “Word of the Day” Series

“Ohhh eotteoke?!” This phrase is said more than a few times in kdramas and movies. When something bad happens and the speaker is nervous the first phrase they say is, “Eotteoke?!” But what does it mean exactly? Today I’m going to talk about this one because the last couple of days have been a lot to soak in and to top it all off I’m not feeling too well so I’m going to go lightly today.

**Just a side, if you need a refresher on any of the Word of the Day, click the tab at the top of the homepage and it has all the Word of the Day’s since the first one. The current one will have a different picture than the rest and all the old ones will have “Word of the Day” banner.**

To put it simply, “eotteoke” means how and is usually paired with another phrase like, “jinaeseyo”. I may have talked about the phrase “Jal jinaeseyo?” which is a formal way to say, “How are you?”. If you say “eotteoke jinaeseyo?” it becomes another informal way to ask “how are you?”

By itself, “eotteoke” means, “What do I do?/What to do?/What should I do?” and I’ve been told once that it can also mean, “What are you going to do?” <<== I’m not 100% sure about that but let me know if this is a correct usage for that.

So that’s the Word of the Day!

I have been thinking and decided that I’ll help in developing a vocabulary if you are in need of where to start. So today’s list is:

You can add these words to the vocabulary words I’ve been giving you in a few of the other lessons. Continue to practice! I’m still learning too so I know how difficult it probably is especially if you’re just starting out but you’ll definitely get there!


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