-jima, Hajima, Kajima… is it the same? “Word of the Day” Series

In many songs and shows that you may listen to or watch, the words “Hajima” and “Kajima” are used. But what do they mean exactly? Usually it’s an emotional setting when these phrases are used so that might help a little bit? Yes? No? Maybe? Alright I’ll tell you.

“Hajima” – “Don’t do that./Don’t say that.”

“Kajima” – “Don’t go”.

-jima, is an ending and it implies the negative, or in this case, “don’t”. “Ha” comes from “hada” which means “to do”. [Oddly enough, “Eyes, Lips, Nose” was playing in my head the entire time I was doing this post… “mianhae mianhae hajima”  — did the same song start playing in your head? Heh heh heh. Just me?]

Same thing with “kajima” the “-jima” is the negative or the “don’t” in the phrase. “Ka” comes from “kada” meaning “to go”. So phrases like, “ka” (go) or “ka-ja” (or “ga-ja” depending on how you romanize it), “let’s go” come from “kada”.

Alright so looks like you’ve got some phrases to practice? I think so! Go out there and practice!

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