HA:TFELT (Ye-eun) – Iron Girl (Artist of the Week: Studio Performance)

I love studio performances! I feel like they give the fans and viewers an opportunity to see the artist’s creative process and a different experience from hearing the artist sing live. This is HA:TFELT in the studio performing Iron Girl. Check it out!

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IKON Can Still be a Group Right? Mix and Match Update: Final Show Nov 6th! [Kpop News]

“Yang Hyun Suk said, “Today is really the last day. I don’t know who will be eliminated yet but even if you don’t become a member of iKON, I’m sure there will be a new beginning for you. Since you’ve gone through so much experience and growth through several survivals, I am confident that you will become a great group in Asia and the world. I will also help you out from the side,” adding, “All nine members worked so hard.” – kpopstarz.com

Have you been keeping up with Mix and Match? Well if you haven’t, the final show will air on November 6th. It’s an all out guessing game at this point. The winners have yet to be announced and frankly I’m nervous for everybody. They’re all so talented but of course, everybody can’t be the next member of IKON.

Here’s what’s been going on. If you don’t know what Mix and Match or WIN is, I’ll explain it to you. “WIN: Who Is Next?” is a reality show with 11 contestants that are divided into two separate boy bands. They compete against each other for the chance of a lifetime opportunity to sign with YG Entertainment. They get a record deal, writers, promos… everything! However… YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-Suk said that the losing group on “WIN: Who is Next?” would be dismantled. This apparently upset viewers and contestants so badly that they were crying out for a change. They didn’t want the group to be disbanded. They wanted them to be able to debut even if they lost. I agree with that. But, again, I can understand the idea behind it. Everybody can’t win and what’s the point of competing if everybody will debut anyway? Diddy understood that process too and executed it with Making the Band and though I didn’t always agree with his process, for Danity Kane, it worked. (Short lived, but it worked.)

Fast forward to now: IKON (Team B) was broken up because they lost. However, I guess the people crying out about the unfairness of it all (and maybe even the members of IKON) moved Yang Hyun-Suk so much so that he kept B.I, Bobby and Jinhwan together to form iKON with the other three members who are currently competing with the other three surviving contestants on “Mix & Match” for a chance to rejoin their former group. However, Yang is hoping that all the members can be reunited and he has put it in the viewers hands. He believes they have the potential to be as big as Big Bang.

My thing is, I’m glad he has so much faith in them. But why dismantle them in the first place if you wanted them all to be together in the end??? “WIN: Who is Next?” could’ve started over with a completely new set of teams to compete. They could’ve let WINNER and IKON remain the groups they were and everybody would’ve been happy. I thought IKON was going to remain together anyway since they debuted! The whole thing is just upsetting me and confusing. But I guess that’s why I’m an music/opinion/news/rumor/language blogger and not the CEO of YG Entertainment.

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IU(아이유) – SOGYEOKDONG(소격동) vs. 서태지 (SEOTAIJI) – 소격동 (Sogyeokdong) MV

It’s not often I get to create posts about IU. She has one of the freshest sounds I’ve heard in a while but the reason why I’m posting this here is because there has been a lot of questions floating around about these two videos. From what I’ve researched, Seotaiji, who is the director of both, grew up in the Sogeyokdong area and just wanted to do a song about it. But in order to do it properly, he had to include the historical background of the area. It’s a well known place and it simply made sense to include everything people have come to know about it. The way it was done was very artistic and dramatic and it was almost like watching a historical drama.

Apparently, both versions kinda have some people upset because they wanted more of a love story. What do you think?

IU(아이유) – SOGYEOKDONG(소격동)

서태지 (SEOTAIJI) – 소격동 (Sogyeokdong)


For the history and background of the video: History Behind Seo Taiji’s Sogyeokdong is a blog post by “Ask a Korean!” that actually gives a great summary and explanation on this topic if you’re interested.